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Barbecue Grill Grate Matte Cast Iron Cooking Grill Grid for ...
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Barbecue Grill Grate Matte Cast Iron Cooking Grill Grid for ...
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Barbecue Grill Grate Matte Cast Iron Cooking Grill Grid for Broil King Grills

Product Description

  • Replacement cooking grid made to fit a variety of Broil King barbecue grills.
  • Includes 2 grill grids.
  • Replaces part numbers 38170121, 10225-T436, 64362.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15" x 12 3/4" Each, 15" x 25 1/2" Total
  • MATERIAL: Matte Cast Iron
  • BROIL KING MODELS: 945584, 945587, 94624, 94627, 94644, 94647, 94924,94924S, 94927, 94927S, 94944, 94947, 94974, 94977, 94994, 94997,9865-24, 9865-27, 9865-54, 9865-57, 9865-74, 9865-77, 986784, 986784C,986787, 986787C, 9869-84R, 9869-87R, 986984, 986984R, 986987, 9877-37,995574, 995577, 995654, 995654B, 995657, 995657B, 9959-74, 995954,995957, Connaisseur 90, Crown 10, Crown 20, Crown 40, Crown 70, Crown90, Signet 20, Signet 40, Signet 70, Signet 90
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